Tight Budgets Means Tight Choices

It seems to be a day of eye openers for some of the Challengers. Tight budgets also means tight choices and smarter decisions. Getting the biggest bang for your buck may not always equate to a plate full of veggies or ways to save time. The first Challenger shares a photo of her unintentional carb overload. While another shares a comparison photo that highlights time savers such as individually packed foods, are higher in cost.  



I never realized how cheap bread is in comparison to other food groups. Talk about an unintentional carb overload. 25 cents for a roll the size of a loaf of bread!


Submitted by a CalFresh Challenger


Never realized how much we spend just to save time. I have been buying the individual packages everyday and have been spending nearly twice as much for the same amount of yogurt!


Submitted by a CalFresh Challenger