Take Action Against Cuts to CalFresh!

You may ask yourself what is the Farm Bill and what does it have to do with CalFresh. Just in luck, we are here to help you through this!

The name Farm Bill can be confusing because in fact it does not solely deal with farms. About 79% of the current Farm Bill’s budget goes to federal nutrition program such as CalFresh (also known as SNAP nationally), while the rest of the budget is distributed among other programs such as crop insurance and commodity programs.

The Farm Bill is up for renewal every 4 years. The current Farm Bill was passed in 2008 and was suppose to go up for renewal in 2012. The Food Stamp program was created by a bipartisan working group, and historically the program has found bipartisan support; however, more recently SNAP has become the target of the Republican party as a misguided attempt to "balance our nation's budget on the backs of the poor." The revised version of the Farm Bill goes to the House Tomorrow, included is a $40 Billion cut to SNAP. If passed, this cut will potentially result in 6 million SNAP recipients losing benefits all together and cuts for the remaining 43 million Americans receiving assistance.

For those who are familiar with CalFresh (or SNAP), you already understand the importance of this program. It allows qualified individuals and families receive additional money for food costs. They can buy healthy and nutritious meals in times of hardship.

You can take action against the proposed cuts to SNAP. Congress needs to hear from you about the importance of SNAP to stop these cuts. Simply call 866-456-8824, provide the operator with your zip code and you will be connected with your Member of Congress.

Please tell your Member of Congress to vote no to the $40 billion in cuts to SNAP!


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