Calfresh Provides Long Term Benefits

For many CalFresh recipients hunger pangs may not be easily settled on a small budget. Constant hunger can have detrimental affects on one's health and energy. This Challenger reflects on the importance of CalFresh and pushes to take action to support it.
On the second day of the challenge I woke up in the middle of the night feeling pretty hungry. After a bit of tossing and turning, I decided to eat a small bowl of cereal. I knew it would bite into my budget for today, but I'm crossing my fingers that I can just ease back on my portions a bit.
Overall I find myself thinking more about food and when I should let myself eat again. I understand why someone might choose less expensive foods that might not be as healthy just to have something to satiate one's hunger pangs during times like what I experienced last night.
My experience last night was a tiny fraction of what true hunger is like. I actually have a choice. I can actually stop this experience if I want to. Many people don't have that choice, which makes it disempowering and overwhelming.I know that the more time I spend worrying about food and being hungry, the less time and energy I have to devote to work and other things that need my attention. And this is why I believe so strongly in full access and participation in federal food programs: when people have access to enough healthy food, they can focus on things that will help them become more healthy and financially stable in the long run.The proposals currently being supporting by House Republicans are based on misguided understandings of what it means to be in poverty. Their proposals are not actually geared toward ending hunger, improving the lives of Americans, or even on saving money. If they were, there would be a drastically different approach to the Farm Bill - one that used actual research and experiences of people in need to create a nutrition title in the Farm Bill that protects the most vulnerable and acknowledges that access to food is a work support and cost cutting measure in and of itself.
Thursday the House will be voting on their version of the nutrition title from the Farm Bill. Hearing from constituents is the best way to remind them that SNAP/Calfresh works to meet the true need that exists in our communities.
Submitted by a CalFresh Challenger