3 simple ways to apply for CalFresh! 

The San Diego Hunger Coalition contracts with 15 local organizations with locations across the County to provide CalFresh application assistance. If you or someone you know is in need of food assistance click on the link below to learn 3 ways to apply for CalFresh and other resources.
Learn more and apply today!  


View our Paper Plate Campaign

As a way to uplift the voices of the 1 in 6 people facing food insecurity in our region, we are proud to share a photo essay of our annual Paper Plate campaign. Each year, these plates are sent to San Diego County’s state representatives to share the voices of the food insecure and advocate for
anti-hunger policies.
Click here to view the Photo Essay.


 Hunger Free Kids:Opportunities by District to End Child Hunger

On November 1, we partnered with Alliance Healthcare Foundation to host a special convening of partners to preview our upcoming report - Hunger Free Kids: Opportunities by District to End Child Hunger. This report is the first to analyze our region’s implementation of federally-funded child nutrition programs by both school districts & nonprofits. 
Preview the data & sign-up to receive the full report when it is released! 


Meet our CalFresh Alumni

Our CalFresh Alumni Project champions successful Americans who once received CalFresh/SNAP (food stamps) but who are now independent and thriving, as well as individuals who currently rely on the program during a time of need. They make San Diego stronger every day. 
Read their stories; tell us yours. Use our easy web form to share your experience.

  Read About our Impact in the Fight Against Hunger

Not only do we bring organizations together in the fight against hunger, we also provide training, hands-on technical assistance, research, and advocacy, so San Diego County's hunger relief community can work to its full potential and serve as many people as possible. This report provides a snapshot of the recent impact we have made with our 100 + partners.
Read the December 2017 Impact Report.


Food Security & Immigration

Shifts in the current administration have created uncertainty and confusion in many immigrant communities leading many families to become hesitant in seeking anti-hunger resources and/or voluntarily withdraw from government food assistance programs. We have the latest information and resources available to help organizations and their clients.


Hunger in San Diego County

We often think about food in terms of individual choices, family celebrations, and our cultural heritage.  More than 500,000 San Diegans (1 in 6), however, have a relationship with food that is dominated by scarcity.  These households—including families with children, veterans and military families, and senior citizens—do not always have access to enough food for an active healthy life.  Why? Because of what they earn, where they live, or other gaps in our food system.


Federal nutrition programs are our nation’s most important direct defense against hunger, food hardship and unhealthy diets. When household incomes don’t provide enough to meet basic needs, programs such as CalFresh (food stamps) and school meals can bridge the gap and increase access to healthy food.   


The San Diego Hunger Coalition conducts training and technical assistance for community-based organizations and schools; educates policymakers and the public about social, economic, and environmental factors that contribute to hunger; and advocates for legislative and administrative policies to end hunger, promote nutrition and protect public health.


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