I don't want to eat anymore Ramen!!!

brick wall

Many of our faithful Challengers have "hit the wall" so to speak and are ready to be done with the Challenge... Luckily for all of us, we can go back to raspberries and coffee after tomorrow, but for 240,000 San Diego County residents the Challenge continues.  

Well here I am on day five. I have to admit it's getting harder to keep it up. Especially when you don't have time to be creative with the meals and with less than five dollars a day you have to be creative. For breakfast today I had some vanilla yogurt and a banana. Good thing that for the rest of the morning I was in school, so I did not have time to think about being hungry. Even though by 11am my stomach was starting to make grumbling noises. I had some left over spaghetti from yesterdays dinner so I had that for lunch. For dinner I had a chicken breast and some vegetables. I have to admit that I can't wait till this is over. Even though I am saving money it takes some effort to plan your meals with you can only spend $4.90 a day.

-Submitted by a CalFresh Challenger



Today is day 5 of the challenge.  Another busy day at school as always.  I woke up early and left my house earlier than normal so I didn't get a chance eat a real breakfast.  I found a jello pudding in my backpack. That was my breakfast. Since i didn't remember how much I had left to spend, I didn't buy anything to eat.  I definitely was hungry throughout the day.  I arrived at my house and decided to cook my left over grocery food.  I still have lots of eggs, so i had an scrambled eggs with half of the green bell peppers over a toast.  I had another toast with strawberry jam.  Its still good! After taking an afternoon nap, I had ramen and eggs! No matter how bad that food is, I still can say its cheap and it fills you up! I didn't have any veggies available so I couldn't add any to my ramen.  For dinner, I had cup noodles.  I needed to switch it up a little, so I went for the other noodles. This really is such a horrible diet.  This will definitely add to the 30 lb gained during nursing school.  I can't wait until its over.

-Submitted by a CalFresh Challenger