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Many of you now have your CalFresh Challenge diets down to a science, but that doesn't mean you like it or think it's healthy... bound and determined, you're going to keep doing what keeps you full.  

Heading down the home stretch.


Today's meals:

breakfast- same old bagel with peanut butter and hot tea

lunch- broccoli wrap

snack- apple

dinner- two bean and cheese burritos (I was hungry)

I also did a little shopping today.  Originally I spent 26.36 which left me with 7.94 to spend.  I went to Sprouts and purchased:

4 apples    1.57

sliced turkey    2.50

more broccoli (I really like it)    .97

sliced cheese (4 slices)    .75

tea bags        1.00

this brought my new total to 33.15.  So far I have managed to stay in budget and have what I need.  It lack variety, certainly, but it works.

-Submitted by a CalFresh Challenger



Day 5 of CalFresh challenge. -Opps,  I almost forgot to blog. Well today hasn't been much different than any other day as far as my diet is concerned. Pretty boring. I had a banana this morning, 2dollar yogurt from costco and a can of tomato soup for dinner. This all came out to a little over five dollars. I will see what tomorrow brings.

-Submitted by a CalFresh Challenger