Unfortunately this isn’t Weightwatchers


 A few Challengers are finding they are gaining weight, even though they might be eating less this week. This is an unfortunate reality for CalFresh Recipients and one we are actively working to overcome by providing healthy AND budget-friendly options. The Hunger-Obesity paradox highlights the often misunderstood discrepancy between having enough to eat and having enough of the right things to eat to keep us healthy.  

Why haven't I lost weight? Oh, I know... because I have had five Top Ramens today. One for breakfast, one for lunch, and two as a snack. I wonder if there's a correlation between childhood diabetes and living off of less than five dollars a day for food? It's really hard to eat healthy this way. I mean if we already subsidize the farmers, I'm sure we can cut a deal at the grocery store for veggies for those on stamps. I mean the grocery store will carry them anyways for "cash-paying" people and just have to give x amount for a penny if you prove you receive food stamps.

-Submitted by: CalFresh Challenger


I'm so grateful there is a lot to do for school this week. It keeps me busy, leaving me with no time for a quick break in the kitchen. So I kind of cheated today. Instead of going to the grocery store, I rummaged through the pantry.

I deducted what I would have spent from my weekly total. I found an asparagus soup packet (it's usually less than $1.50 at the Asian stores so I'll round off and say its $2 just in case). I remember my mom making that when I was young and she would add egg to make it like an egg drop soup.  It's still as yummy as I remember it to be. So today I ate 1 scrambled egg, 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 toast with strawberry jam (I definitely will be sick of that when I am done with this challenge), asparagus egg drop soup. I used my left over ingredients so today I spent $2 on the asparagus soup mix. I definitely think I've gained weight in the last 4 days. With the small amount of money to use on food, a person definitely can't make healthy choices. Atleast i didn't eat cup noodles today!

-Submitted by: CalFresh Challenger