The ordinary and the outlandish. Halibut we show you


While most Challengers are feeling the lack of variety reverberate through their day, others are literally catching 15 pounds of delicious fish to spice up their week. Snagging a Halibut for your CalFresh week is fortunate, but using basic ingredients to make the same meal is economical. We celebrate a fishing success and applaud our Challenger for making smart decisions within her budget.  

In the attempt to get my family yo join in on the CalFresh action, I wanted to share this great photo of my husband's catch yesterday- 15lb Halibut, which became today's ceviche lunch/dinner (which should last the rest of the week). Although it may not count during the challenge (?) - because he caught it VS bought it, I think it's still a great way to have some fresh seafood... for free! :) Happy Wednesday!

-Submitted by: CalFresh Challenger