Take Direct Action Now: Support the Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Budget Proposal

Fellow Anti-Hunger Advocates:

Along with Roots of Change and other allies, we are urging fellow advocates to take action now on the Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Budget Proposal. This budget proposal doubles the purchasing power of nutrition benefits (e.g. CalFresh) for healthy fruits + veggies for folks that need it. We are urging supporters to send in a letter of support to their legislators by following this link:


From the Roots of Change website:

Good news! We have successfully presented the budget proposal for the statewide Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Program to budget sub-committees in both the Assembly and Senate. It’s time to build on that momentum in the state budget, asking for a modest investment of $5 million per budget year.

While California is now the world’s 7th largest economy, we still have the highest poverty rate nationally. Limited resources for purchasing food has a dramatic impact on health and the risk of developing chronic diseases, like diabetes. This disproportionately impacts people of color and low-income communities, and is a critical factor in widening racial and ethnic health disparities.

Only $65 million of federal matching dollars from the Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (FINI) grant remain for 2016-18. California isn’t guaranteed a cent of it so we need to make sure the Legislature knows this is a priority.

We need your help to unlock FINI dollars and to invest more equitably, in areas in California where a nutrition incentive program has never existed, and to further support our rural farming communities. This statewide program would double the value of nutrition assistance benefits (e.g. CalFresh) when beneficiaries purchase fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets and qualified small businesses.

Your voice matters. Be heard on nutrition incentives.