What $4.27 Looks Like: Anahid's Day One Menu

Welcome to day one of the CalFresh Challenge, an opportunity to walk in the shoes of one in eight people across San Diego County who don't have access to enough food. We're already starting to see what a struggle it is to feed ourselves for just $4.27 a day. 

To kick things off, San Diego Hunger Coalition's executive director Anahid Brakke is sharing what's on her plate today. After some creative meal prep last night, she figured out how to stay healthy and get a lot of bang for her buck. However, she has to sacrifice the variety she usually enjoys in her meals throughout the week.

"It took lots of cooking and planning to come up with today’s menu," Anahid said. "Which will also be tomorrow’s menu. And the menu for the day after…and the day after that…"

Here's how she's conquering Day One of the CalFresh Challenge today:

Breakfast = $0.69

Black coffee = $0.20

1 C. Bulgar + strawberries = $0.49

Lunch = $0.98

2 C. Mjeddrah (lentils, onions & brown rice) = $0.44

1 ½ C. salad (lettuce, kale, tomato, cucumber) = $0.54

Dinner = $2.57

2 C. Spanish bulgar w/kale = $1.16

1 ½ C. salad (lettuce, kale, tomato, cucumber) = $0.54

Carrots/celery/7 oz. hummus = $0.87

For many San Diego families enrolled in CalFresh, a limited budget means making the same groceries last throughout the week.

What's on your menu today, CalFresh Challenge participants? Email us your photos and stories to be featured on the blog this week or share on Twitter using #CalFreshChallenge.

It's not too late to join the CalFresh Challenge. Click here to take the Challenge for one day or more this week.