The Cost of Snacking: Robin's CalFresh Challenge

Here at the Hunger Coalition office during the the CalFresh Challenge, we are experiencing what a struggle it is to prepare an entire day's worth of healthy food for just $4.27. 

Robin McNulty, our school meals program director, prepared a delicious and cost-efficient squash soup to share with the office, but she still struggled to make ends meet within the budgetary limits. Check out her story and meal plan for the first day of the Challenge.

Robin's Day One of the CalFresh Challenge

So far, the challenge has been an eye opening experience and I've had many "aha moments" in preparation for the week. Even with careful meal planning, there's a limited amount of food available.

Today was rough without grabbing my usual snacks for my morning grazing. Breakfast was warm and tasty, but not filling. I found myself obsessing about food, and it wasn't even lunch time yet. 

Breakfast:  $1.22

Coffee (2 cups) - $0.60

Oatmeal - $0.66

Snack: $0.97

Walnuts, dried cherries, pieces coated candy - $0.75

Banana - $0.22

Lunch: $0.70

Pumpkin soup - $0.70

Snack: $0.60

12 oz diet coke - $0.60

Dinner:  $.86

It is beans and rice for dinner - and even that puts me over the day’s food budget.

Are you up to the challenge?

Click here to take the CalFresh Challenge for one day ore more this week. Click here to share your stories and photos to raise awareness on the blog.