Headaches & Lack of Energy

As my first day of the CalFresh challenge comes to an end, I would like to point out I have a headache and am drained-physically and mentally! I decided to buy groceriesyesterdayfor the first 3 days of the challenge- spent 13.50-and will purchasefood on Thursday for the last 4 days with the remaining balance.  I purchased bagged salad, bread, ham, bananas, cucumber, and avocado and plan to make it last for 3 days. I am planning to make identical meals for the next few days, so have averaged the price per meal. For breakfast I had a banana(.27 cents), salad for lunch (1.78) and sandwich (2.05). I had a cookie for dessert (.20 cents) and didn't factor my bottle of water into my budget today, so I know now for future purposes.

It was hard to focus at work; by 2 I was so tired and had no energy. My stomach was grumbling all day. It was hard for me not to buy anything, especially since I had money in my wallet. It took a lot of will power not to buy any snacks, and I am proud that I stuck to it. I think I will not be able to go for my 30 minute lunch walk, as I did not have the energy for it, so I have to consider that as well. I know it will be difficult this weekend as I have family visiting from out of town, but i will continue to try my best.