Going Over Budget

On to Day 2! I’m excited, but still a little worried about making this budget work.

We stuck with our planned menu for meals and snacks throughout the day:

Shrimp Kabobs for dinner

Shrimp Kabobs for dinner

Breakfast (fruit) – .27
Morning snack (string cheese) – .25
Lunch (wrap sandwich) – 1.54
Afternoon snack (carrots and celery) – .35
Dessert (yogurt) – .58
Total daily meals/snacks (except dinner) – 2.99

But I didn’t budget for coffee, but I had one this morning. I made it at home for .78.

For dinner, we had kabobs. I bought a dozen shrimp because they were on sale. I used half of it on dinner tonight, so we each got a kabob with 3 shrimp. It’s definitely not enough protein, but I was nervous to buy any more than that. We also had a kabob of veggies (zucchini and onion) and a side of corn.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

6 shrimp – 1.73
1 zucchini – .59
1/2 onion – .20
2 ears of corn – 1.00
Total for dinner – 3.52

So our total for the day (meals and snacks during the day, my coffee, and dinner) came to $10.28, or $5.14 per person. We went over our budget for the day, but hopefully we’ll be able to make up for it somewhere.