#MythbusterMonday - August 2017 Myths Busted


We begin each week using our online voice to debunk myths about hunger. Our #MythbusterMonday social media series dispels misinformation and stigma commonly associated with food assistance programs like CalFresh/SNAP and school meals and the people who rely on them to help put food on the table.  

What hunger myths have you heard? Join us in sharing the truth about hunger each Monday using the hashtag #MythbusterMonday.

In August we busted the following hunger myths:

August 7

The first Monday of the month we take a look back at the myths busted the previous month. Check out the myths we busted in July 2017 here

August 14

#MythbusterMonday Our latest food insecurity data for San Diego County is out! Nearly 1 in 6 people in our region don’t have enough food for an active healthy life. Does this data debunk any #hunger myths you’ve heard? Which ones? Click here to view the latest food insecurity data for San Diego County. 

August 21

#MythbusterMonday “Schools serve junk food for school lunch.” False! Meals served as part of the National School Lunch Program must meet nutrition guidelines based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. School meals must comply with requirements like age-appropriate calorie ranges and sodium limits and must provide less than 10% of calories from saturated fat and contain zero grams trans-fat. Click here and see Myth #3 to learn more from the Poway Unified School District

August 28

#MythbusterMonday “Too many ineligible children are receiving school meals on my tax dollar.” False! There is no evidence that many in-eligible children are receiving free or discounted school meals. In fact, studies suggest that the number of Americans eligible for supplemental food assistance programs like school meals is dramatically underestimated and that these programs are underutilized. 

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