#MythbusterMonday - September 2017 Myths Busted


We begin each week using our online voice to debunk myths about hunger. Our #MythbusterMonday social media series dispels misinformation and stigma commonly associated with food assistance programs like CalFresh/SNAP and school meals and the people who rely on them to help put food on the table.  

What hunger myths have you heard? Join us in sharing the truth about hunger each Monday using the hashtag #MythbusterMonday.

In September we busted the following hunger myths:

September 4

The first Monday of the month we take a look back at the myths busted the previous month. Check out the myths we busted in August 2017 here.

September 11

#MythbusterMonday “There are no hungry kids in my community.” False! Hunger exists in every community. Nationally, 1 in 6 youth are food insecure. In San Diego County, its 1 in 5. Click here to learn more myths about child hunger programs. 

September 18

#MythbusterMonday “Seniors aren’t going hungry in San Diego County” False! 42% of all seniors age 65+ in San Diego County do not have enough income to meet their most basic needs, as measured by the Elder Index. Click here to learn more.

September 25

#MythbusterMonday "Being hungry is just part of the college experience." False! Hunger on campus is a real problem. 32% of food insecure students believed that hunger or housing problems had an impact on their education including causing them to miss a class, drop a class or have poor academic performance. Click here to learn more.

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