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 CalFresh Task Force Meetings

Working towards a San Diego County where residents are informed, empowered, and have access to the necessary resources to become self-sufficient. 

The CalFresh Task Force Meetings are an opportunity for community based organizations that provide CalFresh application assistance and other food resources to convene with each other and with Health and Human Services Agency representatives. The meetings offer an opportunity to share programmatic updates for CalFresh, legislative updates on food policy, and to identify and address barriers San Diegans face when accessing CalFresh benefits. 

CalFresh Program Updates

Learn how regulation changes will affect your work.

  • Public Charge: The Department of Homeland Security released a proposed rule on October 10, 2018 that would make changes to public charge. The public may comment on the proposal within a 60-day comment period. Any new rules will not change CalFresh eligibility for legal permanent residents or their families. Please stay tuned for additional information.

  • Cost of Living Adjustments for October 2018: Effective October 2018, new Cost of Living Adjustments will go into place. There was a small increase in allowable income, increase in the excess shelter and utility deductions, while the maximum CalFresh allotment remains the same. For more information, you can see this document created by California Association of Food Banks. 

  • Abled Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWD) waiver: The ABAWD waiver, preventing CalFresh recipients from having to meet employment or training requirements, has been extended and will remain in effect until 9/1/19. For more information, you can read your All County Letter 18-97.

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)/ State Supplemental Payment (SSP): Assembly Bill 1811 reversed CalFresh “case-out” policy. As early as June 2019, individuals who receive SSI/SSP will be eligible for CalFresh provided all other eligibility criteria are met. AB 1811 includes “hold harmless” provisions to ensure maintenance of benefits for households receiving CalFresh benefits. For more information, you can read All County Letter 18-90.

  • Expiration of Senior Recertification Waiver: Effective May 2015, all seniors with a fixed income will continue to have a two year recertification period; however, they will now also be required to complete an interview at their recertification date in order to maintain their CalFresh benefits. For additional information, you can read the county’s Letter 611.

  • Income Reporting Threshold (IRT) Changes: Effective immediately, CalFresh recipients will have different reporting thresholds or no reporting thresholds based on what their gross monthly income was at the time of receiving benefits. For additional information, please see our flyer.

  • Drug Felony Ban Lift: Starting April 2015, individuals with a prior drug felony conviction who are complying with their probation or parole might now be eligible to receive CalWORKs and CalFresh. For more information, please check out these outreach flyers in English and Spanish.

General Information and Useful Websites

General CalFresh resources.

Tracking and Outcomes 

Useful Websites

For a list of agencies that provide CalFresh application assistance, please visit 211 San Diego

Commonly Used CalFresh Forms

Access to San Diego county forms in English and Spanish.

Applications and Forms

Verification Forms

  • Employment Verification CF 0721 (English) (Spanish)

  • Sponsor Deeming SAR22 (English) (Spanish)

  • 09-99 USCIS Indigency Exemption (English) (Spanish)

  • Self-employment Verification (English) (Spanish)

  • Sworn Statement: There is no specific sworn statement form used by the county; however, all sworn statements must include: date, name of the person and/or organization that receives payment, the amount a household is paying or receiving, and they must be signed by the client.

  • Student Financial Aid Verification CSF 50 (English and Spanish)

Additional Forms

  • Replacement CalFresh Forms: Please note clients must submit both forms to receive replacement CalFresh if their food is destroyed, spoiled, or damaged during a disaster or "household misfortune" like a fire, flood, or power outage. (09-93) AND (CF 303)

  • Change Report Form (English) (Spanish)

  • Appeal Request Form (English) (Spanish)

For additional forms, visit the state website

Client Outreach Materials (Client Handouts)

Outreach materials to give out to clients.

General Flyers 

Targeted Flyers 

Working with Special Populations

Resources for agencies working with seniors and disabled individuals, homeless individuals and families, students, immigrants, and more.

Senior and Disabled Individuals 




People with Prior Drug Felony Convictions