The Coffee Challenge – Jen's CalFresh Challenge Story

For some of us coffee addicts, the most difficult part of the CalFresh Challenge has been the coffee headache. Or the weak second cup reused from the same coffee grounds. Jen Weck, development coordinator at San Diego Hunger Coalition, had to choose between getting her morning coffee and eating enough vegetables for dinner. 

Jen's Day One of the CalFresh Challenge

I’d have more going for me if I hadn’t purchased my regular coffee this morning, but I had to be able to function today.  The rice will give me volume and the eggs will give me protein, but the broccoli is most likely barely one serving. 

I’m going to be hungry and sad at the end of the day. I definitely won't be able to afford a glass of wine after work!

This is my plan for the day: $4.27

Breakfast = $1.94

Coffee from my coffee man = $1.75

Banana = $0.19

Lunch = $0.78

2 cups of Robin’s delicious pumpkin soup = $0.78

Dinner = $1.57

1 cup brown rice = $0.50

2 organic scrambled eggs = $0.70

1/6 bag of broccoli steamed = $0.35