Food Stamps- Not Stress-Friendly

It looks like I am off to a pretty lousy start. 

I spent last night at my friend’s house to offer her support as she adjusted to cat ownership. We relocated Minnie from her home of seven years in Connecticut to Beacon, NY. 

Have you ever sat with a cat in a carrying case for an hour in a half in a car?

It was a traumatic experience for us all. 

To recover we ordered pizza, drank wine, watched movies, and eyed Minnie as she explored her new home. 

To cure the headache I woke up with today, I felt it was a good idea to eat a few slices of the leftover pizza. 

Oops. It turns out CalFresh doesn’t take into account hangover food…

I wasn’t able to get on the right track until dinner time. Running errands all day forced me to skip lunch; needless to say, I was famished when it was time to make my first CalFresh meal. 

Taco Night

Taco Night

I have the feeling I will be eating a variety of this meal throughout the week.  These tacos are stuffed with black beans, brown rice, a sliver of green bell pepper, a wedge of tomato, and a nib of roasted jalapeno.