Why McDonald's Rules the Road

Choosing to eat at places such as McDonald's isn't really a choice if it's the only option. Talking about the biggest bang for your buck, the infamous dollar menu serves to be cheap and filling. It may not be the healthiest option but will certainly fill you up. This Challenger shares the convenience of the dollar menu.   

A rushed Friday lunch on the road left me with few options with the very few dollars I had remaining in the budget. About to meet with friends, I had to pick up something quick because I couldn’t afford to go out to lunch with them as we had planned a few months back. I didn’t have time to run home and grab a prepared meal and definitely didn’t have a microwave to make it edible. I was left with the only option I could think of- McDonalds. When I drove up to the speaker box to order, I looked at the menu and realized that even though they offered “healthier” options, I couldn’t afford a single one of these items. The only thing I could afford with my remaining budget was limited to the dollar menu and definitely didn’t qualify as health food. I sighed and ordered my cheeseburger and McChicken sandwich, just hitting my budget with not a penny to spare. I quickly ate my lunch and realized McDonalds really do rule the road: quick, cheap and easy food for on the go. I had vowed to try my best to eat well on the CalFresh Challenge but realized that is a lofty goal when accessibility and nutrition don’t always run parallel to one another.



Submitted by a CalFresh Challenger