Bargain hunting "spices" things up


Happy Friday! We're almost there! Last nights dinner was spaghetti. I used a jar of garden vegetable spaghetti sauce that was on sale for 1.25, added the rest of my tomato, and some .25 packages of seasoning(salt & pepper and garlic) to season a bit. I found these packets at a local Asian market. I used 1/2lb of lean ground beef- that was all I could afford. I was just so happy to be able to eat something other than top ramen, hardboiled egg, and a pb sandwich.Update- our halibut ceviche was a success and I snack on that as well. We still have half of the large bowl left, so it should hold us down through the weekend. This morning, I added some banana to a slice of bread and peanut butter, which got me pretty full. Got a busy couple days ahead so I'm hoping my hunger won't get in the way. Its going to very warm this weekend, out here in San Diego (90-100degrees)... Stay hydrated everyone!!!

Sincerely, Nina L.