Appreciating that this only lasts a week


These four Challengers seem to be fairing well under the budget, but the halfway point of this week is clearly taking a toll. Sacrifices are made on little luxuries (and free food!), with this experience bringing forth an appreciation for the life Challenger's lead, not on CalFresh.  Three days down.

Breakfast- same as always > Bagel and peanut butter Lunch- Bean and Cheese burrito Snack- Banana and some broccoli Dinner- Peanut butter sandwich and grapes

The challenge is going pretty good.  My groceries are diminishing some, but I am fine for a couple of more days I think.  I will probably shop tomorrow with the balance of my allotment.

Some of the things that have to be given up in order to function within a limited budget: eating out convenience packaging junk food- including my bad favorite- soda luxury food items with high price tags

Looking forward to tomorrow being the half way point.  I am missing some of my usual treats.

-Submitted by: CalFresh Challenger


Its day 3 of the challenge.  I have no school today, and the only thing I am doing today is studying.  Ahh the life of a student. Lol.  For breakfast, I had 1 sunny-side up egg. Then I went grocery shopping again! This time I went to Fresh and Easy and bought those $1 pack vegetables.  Sad part was that I only bought 1 item, a 2 pack of green bell peppers.  I probably wasted more money on gas then the food itself.  I really need to manage my grocery list more, but since it was near a starbucks (where I studied today), so I just stopped by.  I saw this pinterest picture of a sunny side up egg that was paced inside a sliced bell pepper I wanted to give it a try.  However, on my way home, I fell prey to Chinese fast food.  Since I haven’t spent all my weekly allowance yet and I fell short of my daily expense these past two days, I bought a 2 combo plate.  I figured it would last me the entire day! If it didn’t, I told myself I could eat another strawberry jam sandwich or cup noodles or try to make that egg inside a bell pepper. The combo plate did last me the entire day.  I had orange chicken, black bean fish, fried rice, and noodles. So far in this challenge, I have spent $16.72 (I have $17.59 left to spend for the next 4 days and extra groceries at home).  I can’t believe I am actually keeping track of every penny I have spent!  I’m not spoiled but this entire challenge makes me realize that I should really appreciate everything and the fact that I do not having to worry about how much money I have left to spend on food.

-Submitted by: CalFresh Challenger


Day 3: Keep going...

Day three was a blur.  On my way to my early clinical, I packed my lunch pail for the worst case scenario.  On the road I had a muffin and water on my way down South San Diego.  During lunch I was invited to a potluck at VITAS but kindly declined and ate my ham and cheese sandwich outside.  For the rest of the day I had to ignore the free yummy food that was being offered and stayed strong!  For dinner I had my favorite... Sinigang leftovers.

-Submitted by CalFresh Challenger


Day #3 of CalFresh challenge. Trying not to go over my $4.90 budget for the day I consumed a small amount of food today. This morning I had a banana, and another power bar. I find that I'm hungry a few hours later. I had a busy day today, so that's probably why. For dinner I  had a $2.99 bag of southwestern chopped salad that I purchased from Henry's and the avocado I got the night prior that I didn't use. The salad tasted good! This is difficult and really have to be conscious of what I buy.  I will go to the store again tomorrow. And see what  food option I come up with.

-Submitted by: CalFresh Challenger