It's hard to say "Na" to Sodium this week


With Top Ramen selections and back-to-basic foods being bland by our society's standards, we've noticed some heavy Sodium laden items being eaten this week. For our Challengers, this extra intake will only last a week and won't do much harm. We can't help but think of the ramifications of consuming extra sodium on a daily basis for months or even years. This Challenger also brought up a great observation of her obsession over food during this week. 

CalFresh Challenge Day 2:

I woke up hungry and desperately wanting a big cup of coffee. I settled for a cup of green tea. I was proud of my breakfast: yogurt and a piece of toast with peanut butter. I did drop the bread on the floor on accident. Normally, I would just toss it in the trash. But, looking at my sad little loaf of bread, I just blew on it and claimed the 3 second rule.   Still, I couldn’t help but stare at my daughter’s fresh mango. Not being able to eat what I want is tough.

By the time I made it in to work, I was afraid I would start snapping at folks thanks to my lack of coffee. I just used one green tea bag (over and over) and kept convincing myself it was “almost as good.” I actually had an internal debate with myself over whether I should just go to 7-11 and buy a cup of coffee. But, I was afraid if I used a dollar today, I may need it later in the week. I only have $10 left and I know I have to do one meal out, so I stopped myself. The insecurity over “how much money is left” is starting to weigh on me and dictates every decision I make.

I notice I think about food a lot more now. This is the opposite of a diet, it is becoming a food obsession. I keep looking at my bag of food and wonder if it will last the week. Lunch was Ramen again.  There are many days when I work through lunch, but today I sat with my Ramen and plotted stealing my assistant’s fruit. I think about how I could scam or steal food all the time. Seriously. I have come to the conclusion that if I had to live on food stamps for my life, I probably would do some pretty unethical things for a good meal.

I rushed home from work at an early hour (for me) because I was so excited about my dinner. I knew I would have enough time (rare) to actually cook. I steamed half a pound of broccoli, boiled 1/3 a box of pasta and cooked a single piece of chicken. What I would normally look down upon as a subpar dinner, was absolutely delicious. I didn’t have sauce for the pasta, so I drenched it in Tapatio hot sauce and put garlic salt over everything. I am a little concerned about my sodium levels… but, I am full and happy. So, who cares for today?

Tonight I am heading to a friend’s birthday at a bar. I have decided that since the challenge does not speak to alcohol (and you CAN’T purchase it with food stamps), I will only drink if someone pays for it. Or, maybe I will drink out of other people’s glasses. (I am joking of course)…

Breakfast: Peach Yogurt ($.60), bread w/ peanut butter (roughly $.75), Green Tea

Lunch: Ramen ($.25), Green Tea

Dinner: ½ lb Broccoli ($.75), 1/3 box of pasta ($.35), chicken breast ($1.00), Green Tea

-Submitted by: CalFresh Challenger