Policy Wrap-Up From The Year

Thank you for your generous support on key legislation covering hunger, access and health in 2015. You’ve made a real difference this year. Here is an update on three of the issues we supported:

  • AB 1321 (Ting): California Nutrition Incentives – This bill, signed into law by Governor Brown, created the Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Program which doubles the purchasing power of CalFresh when used to buy California-grown fruits, nuts and vegetables. Although the law passed, it still requires the matching funds for implementation. The work to secure this funding from the State of California is expected to pick up again in 2016.
  • Social Security Income Policy Reform - People on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) often do not have enough money for food (single Californians only receive $889/month for all living expenses, including food), but SSI makes them ineligible for other benefits that could provide the food they need. While this law, which would raise SSI payments above the poverty level, did not pass, it made incredible progress thanks to the work of Californians for SSI (CA4SSI). Advocates are already building on the progress made in preparation for the 2016 legislative cycle. You can help by signing this petition
  • Child Nutrition Reauthorization - The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 is still due for reauthorization by Congress. If you think all children deserve the food they need to reach their potential, call your representative in Congress and ask them to sponsor a strong child nutrition bill.