Do you receive SSI/SSP benefits?

As of June 2019, SSI recipients may be eligible for additional money for groceries through CalFresh!

San Diego Hunger Coalition and its partners are here to help you. On this page you’ll find resources, contacts, and helpful information to get your CalFresh application started.

If you receive SSI, you could receive additional money through CalFresh!

  • Receiving CalFresh will not reduce your SSI payment amount.

  • SSI recipients living alone or with another person not currently receiving CalFresh will likely be eligible for benefits and will need to apply for CalFresh.

  • SSI recipients living with others already receiving CalFresh will be automatically enrolled in the program between June and December, 2019.

Applying for CalFresh is easy!

Apply over the phone at 2-1-1

Apply online at

Visit one of our partners for in-person CalFresh Assistance:


Eligibility Scenarios for SSI Recipients

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SSI recipients living alone (or with other people not currently receiving CalFresh) could be eligible for benefits and should apply for CalFresh.

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SSI recipients living in households with members already receiving CalFresh will see similar amounts loaded onto the household EBT card and may even see an increase.

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Receiving CalFresh WILL NOT replace the SSI/SSP food benefit.

Are you a San Diego nonprofit organization or government agency that assists SSI recipients and would like help or information for enrolling them in CalFresh? Check out our Nonprofit Partner page for information and resources!


Starting in June 2019, SSI/SSP recipients will be eligible to apply for CalFresh benefits!

Major changes are coming to Californians who receive SSI/SSP benefits. San Diego Hunger Coalition is ready to help our partners and their clients navigate the CalFresh program with resources, tips, and a helping hand.

On this page, you will find forms, guides, and regular updates for the SSI Cashout.

Do you receive SSI benefits? Head on over to our SSI Recipient page for helpful information to get you started with CalFresh!

CalFresh & SSI Basics

  • Receiving CalFresh does not affect SSI/SSP benefit amount.

  • Receiving CalFresh will not replace the SSI/SSP food benefit.

  • SSI recipients living with others already receiving CalFresh will be auto-enrolled in the program between June and December 2019.

  • SSI recipients not auto-enrolled may apply by calling 2-1-1 or going to