Food stamps (CalFresh) have proven one of the most successful ways to curb poverty. But navigating the system to get them is sometimes tough. Our CalFresh Outreach Program breaks down barriers to access benefits by training community leaders to help their constituents receive CalFresh.

School Meals

1 in 4 children arrive at school hungry in San Diego, and a meal at school is often their only source of nourishment each day. Our School Meals Program aims to increase access to and utilization of federal school meals programs, including school lunch, summer meals, and school breakfast.

Policy & Advocacy

Federal and state food assistance programs are our best defense against hunger. Our Policy & Advocacy Program acts as a resource for county, state, and federal policymakers. We provide research summaries, policy analyses, and case studies to inform policy decisions affecting hunger and poverty.

Hunger in San Diego County

We often think about food in terms of individual choices, family celebrations, and our cultural heritage.  An estimated 423,000 San Diegans, however, have a relationship with food that is dominated by scarcity.  These households—including families with children, veterans and military families, and senior citizens—do not have access at all times to enough food for an active healthy life.  Why? Because of what they earn, where they live, or other gaps in our food system.


Federal nutrition programs are our nation’s most important direct defense against hunger, food hardship and unhealthy diets. When household incomes don’t provide enough to meet basic needs, programs such as CalFresh (food stamps) and school meals can bridge the gap and increase access to healthy food.   


The San Diego Hunger Coalition conducts training and technical assistance for community-based organizations and schools; educates policymakers and the public about social, economic, and environmental factors that contribute to hunger; and advocates for legislative and administrative policies to end hunger, promote nutrition and protect public health.


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