Leading the Fight Against Hunger in Our Region

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Advisory Board Members

Spearheaded by the San Diego Hunger Coalition, Hunger Free San Diego is a collaboration of agencies leading the fight against hunger in our region. Our goal is to end hunger in San Diego County by the year 2030 through an interwoven safety net of food assistance resources.

What do we mean by Hunger Free?

In a Hunger Free San Diego County, anyone who experiences a time of food insecurity can readily access timely, adequate, and appropriate assistance that is sufficient to see them safely through their time of need.  

Who participates in Hunger Free San Diego?

Hunger Free San Diego enables a broad range of local hunger relief leaders to learn from each other and unite behind strategies to end hunger in our community. 

The Hunger Free San Diego Advisory Board is comprised of more than 30 decision-makers and experts representing emergency food providers, social service agencies, government agencies, healthcare, school districts, early education providers, researchers, funders, and other aligned collaboratives.  

For a list of Advisory Board members, please click here.

What does Hunger Free San Diego work on?

Currently, Hunger Free San Diego is conducting research that will provide an in-depth look at the landscape of hunger and hunger relief services in San Diego County. In addition to providing a better understanding the types of food assistance available and current gaps, the report will identify funding opportunities that are underutilized in our region.

Once the initial research phase is complete, Hunger Free San Diego will use the information to help hunger relief organizations, government agencies, policymakers and funders engage in collaborative planning.  

Hunger Free San Diego will also use this data to build widespread public support for greater investment in the most promising solutions to hunger. Hunger Free San Diego will then continue to lead countywide task forces or create new partnerships to build a more effective and interconnected system of food assistance resources. 

Hunger in San Diego County

  • Countywide, about 181,000 children – or 1 in 4 – don’t always have enough food to eat.  
  • In total, about 16% of people countywide are food insecure.  That’s 496,000 people or 1 in 6.