1 in 7 people in San Diego County face hunger.

Hunger takes many forms. It can be meager or skipped meals. It can mean having to eat more cheap, processed foods to get through the month. It can mean making tough choices between food and other basic necessities.

Hunger affects people of every age and background and touches every neighborhood in San Diego County.

Hunger has lasting consequences on childhood development and it can lead to life-threatening health outcomes like diabetes and obesity. And with 1 in 7 San Diegans facing hunger, it may even affect someone you know.

Luckily, there are tools and resources to make sure that everyone facing hunger in San Diego has access to food assistance to get them through their time of need.

Join us this month as we spread the word and raise awareness of not only the problem, but the solutions.

Social Media

Spreading the word can be as easy as a social media post. The Hunger Advocacy Network has created a special post for every business day in September. We’ll update this page with the post of the day, so check back every Monday through Friday in September for your daily social media post!

September 12, 2019


When kids don't get enough to eat, it can have lasting effects on physical and mental development. #HungerFreeSD #HungerAwarenessMonth

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