Diane's Day Two – Moving Through Mud

I was soooo sleepy on my second day.  Felt like I was moving and thinking through mud. It really didn’t abate at all throughout the day.  The caffeine headache was right on schedule.  I figure it’ll stop on Thursday.  I can’t say that I woke up hungry, but I’m sure as heck consuming a lot fewer calories than usual. I keep meaning to figure out what my nutritional totals are, but I’m too sleepy to do that tonight.  

Let’s get to the meals.


I really felt like having oatmeal this morning would only amplify my sleepiness, so I went with two hard boiled eggs.


Pasta and sauce.  I pulled out all the chicken to save for my dinner portion.  The pasta was really good (I’ll buy that brand again), but it didn’t really fill me up and by 3:30 I was craving something to munch on.  I regretted not grabbing one of my apples or cut watermelon.


I was barely through the door when I made a dash for the refrigerator to heat up dinner.  I had TWO whole glasses of milk and the chicken tasted wonderful mixed in with my pasta.

Lessons learned so far:

If I could go back and re-plan my groceries, I would have skipped the eggs and only bought a half gallon of milk.  That would have given me a little bit more for rice and some veggies.  A few folks have asked about veggies.  Part of the challenge is to try and eat as healthy a diet as you can.  To be honest, that is a low bar for me, but I was up for it.  Well, I was up for it until I tried to budget for them. Fresh produce is ridiculously expensive comparatively.  Actually, all the cheaper foods are worse for you.  Go ahead.  Compare the price of a loaf of wheat bread to ramen noodles.  It’s really frustrating.