The Hardest Part Is...

We asked those of you taking the CalFresh Challenge to let us know:

What's been the hardest part of your week so far?

"The biggest challenge has been finding foods with no added sugar. While checking labels of food I could afford, I had to put 99% of things back on the shelf because they were chock full of added sugar." - Aly

"I think the big thing is the social aspect. Our social lives often revolve around food and drink.  By not having money to do these things, I feel socially put out. I resent not being able to do normal productive things in life. I am just focused on my hunger and lack." - Joe

"Not enough food overall. I had to get rid of a healthy snack for a less healthy snack of same cost so that I feel more full. I also had to turn down a free celebration lunch at work." - Keri

"The most challenging part was not being in my regular routine. I enjoy eating a snack in the afternoon, but I didn’t have any snack money available so I had to skip it." - Elaine