Food for Thought from a Hunger Coalition Board Member

We're halfway into the CalFresh Challenge, giving people across San Diego County a better understanding of how food insecurity affects thousands in our community. What we're hearing so far: it's more difficult than expected to feel full, healthy and energized on just $4.27 of food a day.

Take our board member Joseph Forlenza, for example. He shared his CalFresh Challenge lunch and these thoughts with us:

I am taking the CalFresh Challenge to raise awareness about hunger in San Diego and to see what it is like to have a limit on the amount and types of food that I am able to eat.

Today, I'm eating this small salad. It has eggs and feta cheese along with some greens and vegetables.

I find the experience to be eye-opening. I didn't realize how hard it can be to get a proper amount of nutrition on the daily allowance of the CalFresh program of $4.27 a day.

It's not too late to give the CalFresh Challenge a try. Click here to learn more and take the challenge. To raise awareness, share your experience with us on the blog or on social media